This is a collection of questions we have heard from potential customers, and some Q&A we have made up to try to assist you in choosing the right DJ for your event..


Q: Does your DJ take requests?

A: Yes, we normally take requests from guests at events (and we will play most any request that is appropriate for the ages in attendance & the type of event). We also allow (and encourage) our customers to send lists of requested songs to us prior to the event.

Q: Do you offer a microphone for toasts, or for special announcements at our event?

A: It still amazes me every time someone asks this. A special event DJ without a microphone is like an Uber driver without a vehicle. I can only guess that people ask this to try to separate the serious DJ’s from the amateurs - but this just isn’t the best way to differentiate the great DJ’s from the “bottom feeders.” Every DJ has a microphone. The amateur DJ will use a $20 no-name wired microphone purchased on eBay.. and the professionals (like EPIC) use $500 Shure wireless microphones. There are many other great questions you can ask in order to find out which DJ’s are serious enough about their business to earn yours. (See next question.) Yes, EPIC has a very nice wireless microphone you are welcome to use at your event.

Q: What are the best ways to determine if a DJ service is really legit? (and worthy of your business)

A: What type of vehicle does the DJ service use? If their answer is “We use a mini-van,” (or a hatchback, or a pickup truck) then their show just can’t be as substantial as EPIC Entertainment’s. We use a 2014 RAM ProMaster EXT (super extended, super-tall) - which is a very large van. If you’re looking around for a great DJ, chances you are dealing with a serious DJ service are greatly increased if they load their equipment from a large van, box truck, or a decent-sized cargo trailer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about a DJ service’s vehicle. Check out our photos page to see our amazing big ol’ ProMaster van.

Ask about the quality level of their equipment. Every DJ will claim to have “state-of-the-art” speakers and sound equipment, so this will require a bit more digging. Ask them about the brand of speakers. If they answer any of these: JBL (upper line), Bose, EV, or QSC, chances are they are using “better” stuff. If their main speaker brand is Yamaha, Mackie or Cerwin Vega - these are generally mid-level speakers. If they answer Alto, Behringer, or York.. maybe it is time to find a DJ that spends a little more $$$ on their equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask the age of their speakers and/or how much their speakers cost when they bought them. $700 to $1900 per speaker is best. EPIC’s JBL speakers cost between $700 and $1350 each, and we have 6 of them.

Also, ask if they use a DJ “facade” (fuh-sod) which is a decorative screen that goes in front of the DJ table, and makes the set-up look very clean and professional. These facades cost around $450-750, and if your DJ uses one, they are most likely pretty legit. EPIC uses a 6-foot wide facade at most indoor gigs, it has a black aluminum frame, and white spandex that we light up from behind.

Q: What’s the worst way to pick a DJ for our party?

A: Simply choose the absolute CHEAPEST DJ you can find (because DJ’s are all the same, right?) or just call a bunch of DJ’s and leave messages, then immediately book the first one who calls you back.

We are always trying to encourage people shopping for DJ’s to look at VALUE (what you get for the money) when comparing DJ’s -- shop for a DJ like you shop for anything else that’s IMPORTANT to you. For example, when you shop for a new television, do you just walk into the store and announce to the salesperson, “I want the CHEAPEST TV you have here.” ??? Of course not - you compare models, and take into consideration the features, specifications, AND the price - before making a choice. Another example.. Athletic shoes. Why do you spend the money for Nike, Asics, Reebok or other more expensive brands? Because quality, style and overall value are important. Going with the cheapest DJ you can find is like shopping at Dollar Tree for your athletic shoes.

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