Now, for the subject most people want to know about right up front - but it isn’t as simple as just picking a package.. What will it cost to have Epic Entertainment at your party? Let’s Discuss:

   Every event is different! (even school dances, because of the distance from our location to yours, the load-in / load-out differences, and the amount of sound & lighting equipment that will be necessary all vary from gig to gig..) So, how can a DJ service make every event fit into a “package pricing structure” with a one-price-fits-all way of thinking? It just can’t be done, unless you just want a higher “package price” one-size-fits-all quote. Wouldn’t you rather get the best price possible, for the most entertaining DJ you can find?

   What we normally do as far as quoting a price, is FIRST collect information from you about your event. We need to know the specific date you’re considering for your party, then the type of event. Is it formal? casual? business or all-pleasure? Next, let’s factor in the number of people attending and the length of your party - just to make sure the set-up we bring will be adequate for your event. We could just come up with a bunch of packages, or quote a higher “flat rate” per hour for a DJ - but that usually results in event fees being higher than necessary. As a professional DJ, Daniel Baker would much rather take into consideration ALL of the specifics of your event, and quote the best price possible.

   You will find DJ’s at ALL pricing levels. Some shoppers who contact us have already called around - and many have even gone so far as to compare our equipment (especially our light show), our testimonials from past customers, and all our other specs (how long we’ve been in business, our extensive music database, etc.) -- so a number of those who call us are pleasantly surprised when we quote them a very reasonable flat rate for their event. Other less-informed “price shoppers” who are just looking for the CHEAPEST POSSIBLE DJ are maybe a little disappointed, because most times, we are NOT the cheapest DJ available.

   What you will soon realize, if you hire us - is that we are the BEST VALUE as far as DJ’s available in our entire region. What is value? The measure of “what you get for your money.” If you are the type of smart shopper who believes it is better to spend a reasonable fee in exchange for something that is WORTH every penny, then you have most likely found what will soon become your favorite mobile DJ service EVER! If you would rather hunt around for the cheapest DJ, then your party probably won’t even be worth half of what you pay the DJ.


1. Consider having your event sometime other than a Saturday evening. This is prime time for mobile DJ’s, and accordingly, prices for Saturday events are higher. Friday nights are great for school dances (except during football season), and many middle schools and junior highs have realized that Tuesday or Thursday school dances (yes, even during the school week, on a school night - just at earlier times, like 3:30pm to 7pm, or 5pm to 8:30pm) are great for letting students “blow off steam” and they find that the rest of the week is much easier for administrators and teachers. School dances held early in the week result in less behavioral issues, and students tend to be more at ease with studies and testing after a Monday or Tuesday special event. Try it out! If your large school event, like a homecoming dance, would be priced at $550 on a Saturday - then Friday would be about $100 less, and a Tuesday event (same DJ, same awesome sound & light show) could be as low as $325 - maybe even better.

2. Offer to help us move our equipment from our van to the set-up area - and back, once the show is over. Most everything we bring is on wheels, but we have a number of carts, cases, and speakers to move. Unless we have about 5 people to help, moving the equipment into the venue can take us a long time. What we generally need in terms of help is just 3 to 5 people to help push in all our various “wheeled” items. We only need about 20 minutes of help, approximately 2-3 hours prior to the event start time, and then the same help about an hour or so after the event ends. If you have the volunteers ready to help out, we normally will offer up to a 10% discount, but only if the distance between our van and the set-up area is lengthy, or involves using an elevator. If the set-up area is right inside a door we can pull up to, that’s what will lower our fee - instead of providing volunteers to help.

3. Under certain circumstances (daytime parties or very formal dinners) where you aren’t expecting to have people dancing, having an “audio only” event (which doesn’t require us setting up any lighting) can save you SOME money. However, we always caution people who are thinking of going without lights - in order just to save money - this can kill the party mood at your event, and the savings aren’t as high as you might think. especially for Saturday events.






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