EPIC Entertainment is a mobile DJ company based in Oklahoma that provides party entertainment for all types of events! We bring a high-end sound system, computer-controlled entertainment lighting, and even lasers & atmospheric haze effect if you prefer. EPIC Entertainment specializes in weddings & receptions, as well as black light (UV) parties - very popular with 13th birthdays and Sweet 16’s. Even though we use extremely high quality equipment, and our DJ has over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on offering our service at competitive prices - the value we offer is second-to-none. Our fee for most events ranges from $375 to $1100. We can usually work with just about any party budget, especially if your event is on a day other than Saturday.

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The photo to the right is our full set-up at the Downtown Community Center in Edmond, OK. This was for Shiva’s Sweet 16 in October 2015. Sadly, EPIC Entertainment wasn’t the “best” part of her party.. If you see her driving around Edmond in her new Mustang (white with pink stripes), wave hello! The pic below shows what our rig looks like in the dark, ready to drop some beats and whip some light beams around the room! If you want EPIC’s DJ Dan at your event, give us a call!

Set-up with house lights on 2
Epic Sweet 16 Setup Pic

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